MG Series

The MG series is our Mando-Gazouki. After we developed the Gazouki with its large body and 648mm guitar scale length, we decided that a smaller mandolin type version was required. We set about designing our mandolin with guitar and banjo players in mind. So we made the scale length a little longer and the nut width a little wider. This makes playing the Mando-Gazouki very comfortable. We also radiused the fretboard to add to that comfort.

The Mando-Gazouki is built in a guitar-like way, just like its big brother, so despite its size, it has a volume and tone that will amaze both the player and listener.


Scale length is 408mm.

Nut width is 32mm but up to 40mm is possible on request.

The Mando-Gazouki is available is any wood combination

Bindings and inlays are selected for the individual instrument and will vary between models. All models have solid wood rosettes. All fingerboards are solid Ebony. Nut and saddle material is Bone.

Machine heads are Gotoh SG381 on standard range and Gotoh 510s on premium and master range models. Case is not supplied with this instrument.