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Models, Series, Range

Models, Series and Ranges explained.


refers to the overall specifications.

Since August 2016 we have divided our instruments into three ranges, Standard, Premium and Master Ranges.

The Standard Range features models that use Mahogany, Walnut or Indian rosewood for back and sides. We use solid woods throughout (no plywoods or laminates), have Gotoh SG381 machine heads, solid wood bindings, abalone rosettes, neck side dots and abalone Mc logo on the headstock.

The Premium Range features models that use higher quality solid woods such as Madagascar rosewood, Honduras rosewood, Koa,  Maple, Laurelwood, Cocobolo and also flamed / figured woods such as figured Claro walnut, Curly Koa, figured maple and others. They also include abalone rosettes, abalone celtic knot inlay at the 12th fret, Gotoh 510 machine heads, double side dot at the 12th fret and Elixir strings.

The Master Range features rare master grade woods such as Amazon rosewood, African Blackwood and Brazilian rosewood. This series is individually crafted to the customers specifications. Rodgers tuners or similar are available and a custom Calton case can be supplied. These instruments are priced according to the customers unique specifications.


refers to the shape.

We have 8 Series types: AJ (large jumbo) A (mid size jumbo / auditorium), AS (small body jumbo), AD (mid size dread), ASD (small bodied dread), Performer (all the above in a slimmer body format), G (8 string Gazouki) and MG (Mando-Gazouki, an 8 string mandolin type). Many of the above series are also available as 4 string Tenor (t), nylon string folk / jazz (n) 12 string (12) or 8 string guitar-bouzouki (gb) (this is different from our Gazouki in that it’s a guitar body with 8 string neck). Most are also available in Cutaway format but some wood restrictions apply.


refers to the wood combinations of each instrument.

The first number after the Series letter(s) refers to the back and sides of the guitar and the second number refers to the top (eg. A36 = rosewood Back and sides and Italian spruce top). The full model numbers are as follows.

Models in Standard range,

(the 1st number)

1 = Mahogany,

2 = Walnut,

3 = Indian rosewood

Models in Premium range,

4 = unfigured premium woods such as Koa, maple, Laurelwood, etc

5 = exotic woods such as Cocobolo, Honduras Rosewood, Madagascar rosewood, Bubinga, etc

6 = figured / flamed versions of the 4, such as figured maple, curly Koa, flamed Claro Walnut, flamed laurelwood.

Models in the Master range

7 = Amazon rosewood but no abalone soundboard inlay and single knot on the neck

8 = Amazon rosewood with full abalone soundboard inlay and 8 celtic knot inlays on the neck. Back of headstock is also veneered.

9 = Brazilain rosewood / African Blackwood or anything the customer requires. This model is built to their specifications.



(the 2nd number)

0 = Sitka Spruce

5 = Western Red Cedar

6 = Italian (Val de Fiemme) spruce

7 = Adirondack Spruce

8 = Redwood (we use environmentally sound reclaimed Redwood logs)

9 = Mahogany (other hardwood tops would also have this number)

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